March, 2017

March, 2017

Children Who Experience Early Childhood Trauma Do Not Just “Get Over It.”

“The survival brain leaps into action at the slightest thing, an accidental shove from another child, a small scratch on the arm, a lost pencil, a ‘look’ from another child and the 5 fffff’s are triggered, for most children that’s flight but if cornered and unable to escape, or previously over used, it will be fight.”


 Information Tip

Getting Grief Right

“In our first session I put Mary’s depression aside. I asked her to tell me the story of her baby rather than describe the symptoms of her grief. Though she was resistant, she eventually started to talk.”


Parent TIP:

Meet the Medikidz–Medical Comic Books for Kids

“I loved reading this book. I wish that when I was first diagnosed with my brain tumor, that Medikidz was available to me and my family. It would have made a huge difference. I feel it is also a valuable resource to be able to give to school to assist them to explain to peers what is occurring to their friend. It is a difficult concept for children to come to terms with, and perhaps it would take some of the fear away, allowing them to support their friend rather than being afraid of them.”